An Integrated & FAIR Data Ecosystem to Accelerate Integrin-based Research

Time: 3:30 pm
day: Day One


  • Integrin targets are widely expressed across Gene Expression Studies, Drug Screening experiments, and more. However, this data landscape is highly fragmented.
  • Available studies are located in isolated public or proprietary sources that employ different syntaxes, schemas, entity notations, and metadata standards.
  • In summary, the datasets are not easily Findable, Available, Interoperable, or Reusable. Significant technical and logistical challenges pile up while integrating and analyzing these data.
  • Using a data-centric infrastructure, Elucidata’s Polly provides researchers with intuitive data access, FAIR data management, reproducible data processing workflows, and secure data storage.
  • This session will demonstrate how clean and linked integrin-specific data from public repositories or proprietary experiments can be accessed on Polly’s Enterprise Atlas. Researchers can leverage Polly’s capabilities to mine for novel associations from diverse sources and enhance the quality of their hypotheses.