8:30 am
Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Shaker Mousa Professor & Chairman, Founder & Executive Vice President, Albany College, NanoPharmaceuticals

Translational Effects & Detailed Analysis of Integrins

9:00 am Minimizing Off-Target Effects in Clinic

  • Scott Turner Senior Vice President of Research, Pliant Therapeutics


  • Hear the latest translational and clinical insights into safety
  • Understand best-in-class strategies to minimize off-target effects

9:30 am Analyzing Radiopharmaceutical Imaging & Therapy Targeting AvB6 Integrin


  • Looking at the unmet need in pancreatic cancer
  • Exploring the value of imaging in integrin analysis
  • Delving into the therapeutic values of radiopharmaceutical imaging

10:00 am
Morning Networking Break

The Therapeutic Approaches of Integrins & Their Implications in Disease

11:00 am Integrin α10β1 Selected MSCs – A Superior Therapeutic Approach


  • Xintela’s integrin biomarker technology platform has potential to reach $10bn commercials through OA, GBM and TNBC

11:30 am Targeting integrin α10β1 in Aggressive Cancer


  • Targinta has selected its first lead drug candidate, TARG10, a therapeutic antibody targeting integrin α10β1
  • TARG10 has shown strong activity on cancer cells and in preclinical tumor models, with significant inhibitory effects on both growth and metastasis in triplenegative breast cancer models

12:00 pm
Networking Lunch

The Clinical Safety of Integrins & New Developments

1:30 pm Panel Discussion:Safety & Off-Target Effects in Clinic

  • Gregory Bix Professor, Tulane University
  • Shaker Mousa Professor & Chairman, Founder & Executive Vice President, Albany College, NanoPharmaceuticals
  • Dermot Cox Associate Professor Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland


  • Safety presents the biggest hurdle in clinic for integrin-targeted candidates
  • Join this panel discussion to hear the latest insights into particular safety issues, how these can be overcome and
    why this field needs to come together to learn from the past

2:00 pm Delving into the Integrin α4β7 Small Molecule Inhibitor


  • Taking a look at the therapeutic properties of integrins and how they can be used in clinic to deliver treatment to patients

2:30 pm MORF-057 – A selective oral α4B7 Integrin Inhibitor for Inflammatory Bowel Disease


  • α4B7 Integrin inhibition is a clinically validated mechanism of action to treat IBD
  • Utilizing the MInT platform, we have identified the highly selective oral Inhibitor MORF-057 and advanced it into clinical studies
  • Phase 1 clinical data support the initiation of Phase 2 clinical trials in UC

3:00 pm
Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day Two